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Technology Products

SGS Industrial Services is a global assurance agency for technical verifications, inspections, tests, and compliance assessments. Their endorsement of our products and services contributes in the trust demonstrated by our customers. More than merely attesting to the quality and performance of a given system or manufacturing facility, the certification in Quality Assurance (QA) and Compliance places Alfatech in the position of assisting our customers to meet requisites related to norms, regulations or specifications, whether they are mandatory or volunteer.  The intervention of a certified technician allows for the identification of non-conformities in materials that are used prior to, during, and subsequent to manufacture. Such controls, in addition to reducing delivery delays and re-manufacturing costs, improves the integrity, quality and efficacy of equipment and ensures that collaborators work under healthy and safe conditions while minimizing the environmental impact of their industrial activities.

Our Quality Policy

Alfatech is committed to:
Seeing to the needs of our customers;
Developing quality policies, hand-in-hand with our collaborators and suppliers;
Seeking excellence in the manufacturing process by means of constant improvement of products and methods.

“All collaborators are responsible for the unending pursuit of quality improvement.”


André Prata