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When working in partnership with our customers we strive to focus on the same ideal, building on the synergy that arises to attain success. We join our efforts in the pursuit of what is ideal remaining sensitive to what that partnership yields, which are respect, acceptance, understanding and mutual help. A showcase of our customers follows: 

  • A. Raymond Brasil Ltda
  • Brigaplast Ind. e Com. Plásticos Ltda
  • Click Automotiva Ind. Ltda
  • DANA – Wop Ind.e Com. de Bombas Ltda
  • Delphi Automotive Systems do Brasil Ltda
  • Eldorado Ind. Plásticas ltda
  • EMBRACO – Empresa Brasileira de Compressores
  • FAST Tools
  • FCI Brasil Ltda
  • ITW Desfast do Brasil Ltda
  • Kostal Eletromecânica Ltda
  • Plascar Ind. De Componentes Plásticos Ltda
  • Schneider Electric Brasil Ltda
  • Pro-Serv Indústria Mecânica Ltda
  • Schrader Bridgeport Brasil Ltda
  • Siemens VDO Automotive Ltda
  • Soplast - Plásticos Soprados LTDA
  • T & C Ind. Com., Exp. e Imp. Ltda
  • Tyco Electronics Brasil Ltda
  • Valeo  Sistemas Automotivos Ltda
  • Visteon  Sistemas Automotivos Ltda


André Prata
Location Contact