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Alfatech develops and manufactures precision moulds used in thermoplastic injection, and renders repair, maintenance and alteration services as well. The company employs state-of-the-art technology, highly trained personnel and offers continuing training to achieve its target for global excellence in all phases, from the very first contact with the customer to product delivery and after-sales. Alfatech offers its products and services to the automotive industry, to electro-electronic and household electric appliance companies, to manufacturers of cosmetics, to the packing industry, among others. Our activities center on:
-CAD and CAM projects for moulds, stamps, and devices;
-moulds for plastic, aluminum, and zamac injection;
-the manufacture of parts: tappers, cavities and others relying on the use of CAD and CAM systems.
Our philosophy for success is:
“If you think you are defeated,
You shall be.
If you do not think: I want to at any cost,
You will not achieve anything.
Even if you do want to win,
But think you will not,
Victory will not smile to you.
If you do not complete your task,
You will be defeated.
What we find out in this world
Is that success begins with our will
And all is determined by our spirit.
If you think you are a loser
You become one.
If it is your desire to reach a higher position
You should first
Fully believe that you will make it
The struggle for life is not always advantageous
Neither for the strong nor for the cunning
Sooner or later
He who wishes for victory is who fully believes

Napoleon Hill


André Prata