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  1. To become acquainted with the customer’s needs and designs gathering all the information needed to produce an updated project;

  2. Project development – to involve the entire project team, make presentations of the pre-project and verify whether the project is in accordance with the customer’s determinations;

  3. Once the project is approved a list of the items that must be purchased is elaborated and the producing process is initiated. All steps of that process abide by what is determined in quality norms in accordance with NBR ISO:9001/2000;

  4. Materials are delivered and separated along with their respective designs and the go-ahead for manufacture is given;

  5. Conclusion occurs in the workbench area, where tooling professionals perform the closing of the mould and make all the needed adjustments. Subsequently, a try-out is made in the presence of the customer. If adjustments are needed, the mould returns to the tooling sector for additional try-outs;

  6. After completion the moulds are sent to the quality sector so that a dimensional report can be made. It is the report that records conformity of all measures with those contained in the design of the product. The product is ten sent to the customer for final approval.


André Prata
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